My Personal Assistant handles your time consuming tasks and responsibilities that cause stress when you “don’t have enough time to do it all.”   All you have to do is call, it’s done! You can spend quality time with family and friends or, just relax and check it off your list


Experience:  We have been in business since 2002 and have over 16 years of combined experience providing Executive Assistance and Concierge services.

Customer Service:  You can depend on us to get the job done promptly and efficiently. 

Personalization:  We pride ourselves on the ability to understand your unique needs and we customize all services to ensure your satisfaction.

Trust:  Confidentially is as important to us as it is to you.  You can trust that your sensitive and personal information is safe with us.  


What we DO

We know your time is priceless and recognize two of life’s greatest commodities are time and convenience. Both are lost in juggling the demands in life’s hectic pace.  My Personal Assistant will manage the tasks and details allowing you to regain those two valued commodities. 

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In order to enjoy your life and achieve your business and personal goals, there are many tasks that need to be executed efficiently and effectively. Finding time to manage these tasks can be difficult and can take you away from your business priorities and loved ones. My Personal Assistant steps in and manages those tasks for you. We make life easier. We get it done.

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